As a European representative office, we take care of all our customers’ needs – from release planning in sales marketing through cases of debt recovery. From a central stock location, we work with our partners to manage logistics within Europe and “direct-to-fan”. This enables AREAconsult to optimize transport costs and all inventory management costs. Complete control of stock movements in warehouses is guaranteed at all times. Experienced returns handling ensures that the product quantities required by a given market are always in stock and prevents incidences of overstocking.

Our customer retention concept and associated PR and marketing activities with service providers from our network provide for sustainable growth.

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Revenue from the European music sales in 2014 in millions of $. Based on: IFPI Recording Industry in Numbers 2014/Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.



Promo compilation to emotionally tie-in customers and a track promotion platform for the music industry


Go Jazz
International replication and sales marketing for over 10 years, as well as build-up and maintenance of a sales network


Hallo Pizza
Alternative distribution channel for presenting new artists in Hallo Pizza’s target audience


Christin Marquitan
Concept generation and support in the areas of PR, social media and bookings, to establish her chanson programme in German theatres


Mod’s Hair
In-store broadcasting to promote album releases in the genres Electro, Chill and Singer-Songwriter